About Us

Lensin LTD is based in one of the strategic locations in Istanbul / Tuzla and it is 1 hour driving from both international airports. The region is known with its marine operations; therefore the shipyard has a subcontractor network that is capable of meeting all kinds of demands from the ship-owners around the globe.


  • Turbocharges and parts
  • Air compressor and parts
  • Purifier and parts
  • Heat exchangers
  • Electrical equipments and parts
  • Fuel injection and parts
  • Pumps all type and parts
  • Electric motor all types
  • Special valves and fittings
  • Main and auxiliary engine components and consumables parts

Against specific requirements, we may also supply other good quality equipment such as bearing pairs, Hydraulic pumps, Anchors, Chains, Firefighting equipment, Communication & Navigation equipment, Deck equipment, other cosmetic fittings, etc…


All type of mechanical overhauls and repairs for your original equipments installed. Main Engine Crankshaft Gears Propulsion Deck Machinary All size of Pumps Generators Governors Turbo chargers and other various product maintenance.


Repairing all type of alternator electric motor overhaul switchboard megger readings heater navigation equipments lighting equipments ventilation fan blowers, sensors calibration and renew cable installation where necessary.


Our company provides turnkey solutions to shipowners. We have a strategy that is professional and perfected  vessels drydocking. Our cooperation starts from the selection process of suitable yard, drydock planning and completion of all repairs within estimated budgets.


At our in-house workshop, which is ideally located nearby the shipyard zone, we offer just in time services to avoid possible delays in drydock and repairs that will allow our customers to be more flexible in terms of their decisions.


Lensin has accumulated lots of professional expertise in years of providing marine spare parts and consumables to worldwide vessels in commission. Regard to the vessels built in Turkey, Lensin is the best spare parts/service provider for global ship-owners/ship managing companies, based Lensin good credits and its long and close connections with original makers.